3rd European Nutrient Event @ ECOMONDO 2018

The Horizon2020 SMART-Plant EU Innovation Action (ESPP member) along with the ESPP, HERA and ECOMONDO will co-organise the 3rd European Nutrient Event for the Mediterranean area (ENE3). It will take place at the ECOMONDO 2018 green technology expo

from 8 – 9 November 2018
in Rimini, Italy

This 3rd edition in Rimini, Italy, will be a follow up of the previous R&D events in Berlin (2015) and Basel (2017) and will focus on phosphorus and nutrient recycling and management in Italy, the Mediterranean region and in EU research, development and innovation.

Phosphorus is a critical raw material, non-renewable resource, non-substitutable for food production, essential for agriculture and directly linked to food security, as well as being important in a range of other industrial and technical uses. Europe is severely dependent on extra-EU mines and the most important use of imported phosphorus in Europe is for mineral fertilizers. On the one hand, recovery from municipal wastewater (sewage sludge), animal manure and other biowaste sources can cover most of the EU demand. On the other hand, inefficient use of phosphorus causes environmental damage. At EU level the European Sustainable Phosphorus Platform and several member states are promoting and regulating phosphorus recovery from municipal wastewater and other waste and residue biomass flows. In Italy, the recently founded phosphorus platform is boosting national policies and regulations to promote sustainable management of this critical raw material. This strategic action will therefore present and discuss the EU framework and the actions in place in Italy for sustainable phosphorus management.

Registration is needed. Free ticket to enter ECOMONDO 2018 will be offered to the registered participants. For more information on registration follow the links below.

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