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EasyMining Sweden delivers processes for phosphorus extraction from various raw materials, such as sewage sludge incineration ash, mining residues and apatite, so creating circular flows of phosphorus. Our Ash2Phos process, with high recovery rate of phosphorus (90% or more), produces clean and well know phosphorus products from ash of incinerated sewage sludge. Phosphor is recovered as either ammonium phosphate or as di-calcium phosphate. The products are clean with a cadmium content < 1mg / Kg P (Cd < 0,5 mg/Kg P2O5). Ash2Phos is a wet chemical process and besides phosphorus the dissolved iron and aluminum is recovered as precipitation chemicals, iron chloride and aluminum sulfate, to be recycled to waste water treatment plant.  Easymining believes that DPP has an important role to contribute to developing a sustainable phosphorus recycling through information, monitoring and contacts with decision makers.


Dr. Christian Kabbe Managing Director EasyMining Germany
Phone: +49 (0)30 61647943

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