Uses for Sewage-Sludge-Derived Biochars

AquaEnviro invites to their one day conference „Uses for Sewage-Sludge-Derived Biochars“. The event takes place

on 18 May 2023
in Birmingham, UK.

The majority of treated sewage sludges (‘biosolids’) are applied to agricultural land in the UK, where they provide proven nutrient and organic matter benefits. However, biosolids are also known to contain residues of chemicals such as PFAS (poly and perf-fluorinated alkyl substances), as well as microplastics and microfibres. The presence of these substances is prompting the industry to explore other uses for biosolids, and advanced thermal conversion (or ‘ATC’) techniques are attracting renewed attention.

ATC techniques such as pyrolysis and gasification heat the substrate under pressure and can produce a number of outputs – including biochar. Depending on its quality, this biochar can be used in a variety of applications, from energy production to construction to land application. Since the material and its use in these applications is novel to the UK market there is currently a great deal of uncertainty around their commercial viability. This uncertainty is driven particularly by the prevailing waste regulatory framework, which incurs more or less cost depending on the sources and quality of biochar, and its intended use.

This one day conference aims to convene practitioners, researchers and regulators to explore:

  • Technologies for biochar production from sewage sludges
  • Quality of sewage-sludge-derived biochars
  • Potential uses for sewage-sludge-derived biochars
  • Challenges associated with the use of sewage-sludge-derived biochars
  • Experiences from early adopters

Registration is required and open. For more information on registration fee and else please visit the conference website (link listed below).

Further Information

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