The George Barley Water Prize Launches July 21

The Everglades Foundation is dedicating six years and $10 million dollars to showing the world just how serious phosphorus water pollution is.

Even if we were able to change behaviors, there is so much phosphorus already stored in the soil that phosphorus would continue to be a serious pollutant for decades, if not centuries, to come. Using existing technologies to remove just a fraction of the damaging phosphorus pollution would cost more than $3 trillion—a budget unlikely to get supported.

Yet there is a solution out there.

The George Barley Water Prize is largest science prize ever run to focus on clean water, and is expected to attract more than 80 applicants from over 10 countries. The $10 million grand prize goes to the team who develops the most cost-effective technology that removes phosphorus from freshwater bodies on a globally-applicable scale.

There are also multiple sub-prizes awarded at check-in points throughout the six year competition where each solution is tested in cold water, warm water and in a laboratory environment.

Pre-applications are currently being accepted at Create a user profile on the home page in order to stay up to date on the next steps in the competition. Official registration will begin in summer 2016.


Barley Prize Homepage Spotlight on Preventable Phosphorus Pollution


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