The George Barley Water Prize: Deadline approaching for Phase 1 Submissions

The deadline for Phase 1 Submissions in The George Barley Water Prize competition (see also 09.06.2016 and 28.07.2016) is fast approaching. By August, 31st 2016 your entry should be completed.

The George Barley Water Prize is the largest science prize ever run to focus on clean water, and is expected to attract more than 80 applicants from over 10 countries. The $10 million grand prize goes to the team who develops the most cost-effective technology that removes phosphorus from freshwater bodies on a globally-applicable scale.

With this first stage, any and all participants are encouraged to register and join the Prize by showcasing promising early-stage technologies. This stage is composed of three open call phases for participants to demonstrate their results. Innovators, researchers, students and scientists who have promising innovative ideas for reducing P pollutions can enter by providing some insights to their innovation, by describing the experiment design and demonstrating how their technology reduces phosphorus concentrations in water.

In order to compete for The George Barley Water Prize, you must submit your video, responses to the profile questions and written report. For more details visit the official website (link below).


Barley Prize Website Stage 1 Timeline


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