IWA Conference on Sustainable Sludge Management 2024

The IWA Conference on Sustainable Sludge Management 2024T is a joint effort of the IWA Sludge Management Specialist Group, with the support of the International Water Association and other partners. It takes place

from 17. -20. May 2024
in Beijing, China.

Sludge management is one of the most challenging issues facing the water sector today. It involves not only technical aspects, but also environmental, social, economic, and regulatory aspects. It requires innovative and sustainable solutions that can balance the benefits and costs of sludge treatment and disposal.

This conference will provide a platform for knowledge exchange and networking among researchers, practitioners, policy makers, and industry representatives from around the world. The conference will cover a wide range of topics related to sludge management, such as sludge production, characterization, stabilization, digestion, thickening, dewatering, thermal processing, agricultural reuse, production of usable materials, and ultimate disposal.

For information on registration and program can be found on the conference website following the link below.

Further Information

Conference Website


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