EWA Innovation Event on Phosphorus Recovery

The European Water Association (EWA) invites to the Innovation Event on Phosphorus Recovery.

The event takes place

on the 21. September 2021
from 10:30 to 13:00 online.

Waste water is not only waste, it is also a resource. Especially phosphorus is an essential, yet limited resource, which is not replaceable by any other element. This is why there are increasing efforts to recycle phosphorus contained in waste water. It involves the recovery of phosphorus and, normally, the separation of phosphates from harmful substances.

Phosphorus can be recovered from waste water, sewage sludge, as well as from the ash of incinerated sewage sludge, and can be combined with phosphorus removal in most cases. Up to now, there is limited experience in industrial-scale implementation. The costs for recovered phosphate exceed the costs for phosphate from rock phosphate by several times.

The utility companies in Hamburg, HAMBURG WASSER and REMONDIS, have built the world’s first large-scale plant to recover this vital raw material at the Hamburg sewage treatment plant.

For the first time, this unique process shows how this important raw material concentrated in sewage sludge ash during waste water treatment will be recycled economically and efficiently. In the long term, the sewage sludge ash produced in Hamburg is to be completely recycled in order to recover phosphorus.

The 3rd Innovative web-seminar on phosphorus recovery will give you this unique insight into the recovery process and present the situation, strategy and solution at HAMBURG WASSER. Moreover, the event will cover the recovery process at the waste water plant, as well as a description of the phosphorus recovery unit.

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