12th European Waste Water Management Conference

The European Waste Water Management (EWWM) conference 2018 takes place

from 17th – 18th July 2018
in Manchester United Football Stadium.

The EWWM conference considers all aspects of the wastewater treatment cycle from the sewer to discharge of final effluent and the impacts on receiving watercourses. The conference provides a forum for practitioners and researchers to meet and discuss the needs and interests of the European water industry.  This year the EWWM conference looks to be even bigger as the programme will include the follow-on from last year’s BIG P conference in Manchester.

The European Waste Water Management Conference is the UK’s leading event covering the management and treatment of wastewater. The event is attended by over 200 professionals from the water industry and is recognised both for the quality of the individual presentations and the debates that follow these presentations.

Registration is required. Further details on registration fees, program and speaker as well as generell information can be found on the conference website.

Further Information

Conference Website Registration Form


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