1st Summit of the Organic Fertiliser Industry in Europe (SOFIE)

The 1st Summit of the Organic Fertiliser Industry in Europe „SOFIE“ organised by European Sustainable Phosphorus Platform ESPP in partnership with IFS International Fertiliser Society takes place

5th June 14h00 – 6th June 16h30
in Brussels, Belgium (within walking distance of Gare du Midi and Gare Centrale).

SOFIE 2019 takes place back to the IFS Technical Conference 4th June lunch – 5th June lunch. This is the first ever European conference for the organic* fertilisers industry, and will facilitate networking across Europe of organic fertiliser producers (including composts, digestates, biochars …), organic waste processors / recyclers, fertiliser distributors and experts and advisors to these industries, including applied agronomists, agricultural outreach services, regulators, etc.

Organised for the organic* fertilisers industry across Europe, SOFIE will address:
– The agronomic science behind claims of organic fertilisers concerning nutrients, soil health and environment
– Industry and market perspectives, including quality, innovation and export opportunities
– Circular Economy
– European regulatory challenges, especially the new EU Fertilising Products Regulation (with the European Commission)

Registration is required. For more information on registration fees and programm please follow the links below.


*“Organic Fertilisers” here refers to nutrient products containing organic carbon, not to organic ‘non chemical’farming.

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