10th International Phosphorus Workshop (IPW10)

The International Phosphorus Workshop (IPW10) will be held

from 26-30 August 2024
at the Dalhousie Building, University of Dundee.

This will be the 10th International Phosphorus Workshop and the first in Scotland.

The IPW10 continues the conference science topic tradition of investigating the role of phosphorus in the interactions between terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems.

As a vitally important element to life, food and wider societal aspects, phosphorus presents a powerful case study of the need to manage a fundamental resource sustainably. Yet our phosphorus knowledge is being constantly challenged by aspects such as climate change and circular economy needs.

The IPW series promotes the underpinning biogeochemical knowledge of phosphorus processes and its wider implications. The IPW10 recognises the fundamental role of catchments as a landscape conceptual unit, and a management unit, where phosphorus biogeochemistry unites with wider disciplines for shared sustainability goals.

The local organisers and international science committee look forward to welcoming you and are planning a really engaging program to grow shared knowledge on the contemporary topics, foster lasting networks and particularly support early career scientist interactions amongst global phosphorus community.

The IPW10 conference is arranged under 16 session topics across three themes.

  • Theme 1: Understanding P
  • Theme 2: Managing P
  • Theme 3: Transforming P

The conference is interesting for global researchers at all career stages with the skills and understanding necessary to shape contemporary definitions of the issues and progress solutions.

Registration is required. An early bird access is still available until 10. May 2024. General Registration is closing on 28. July 2024. Further information on programm, accomodation and else as well as the registration form is provided on the conference website (see links below).

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