The George Barley Water Prize competition is now open for submissions

Referring to the George Barley Water Prize (presented on 09.06.2016) we are able to give you updated information. As the $10 million George Barley Water Prize has officially been launched on July 21st, 2016 ,the competition is now open for Stage 1, Phase 1 submissions. With the launch, detailed competition information and venture criteria to source the most effective innovations have been released.

The George Barley Water Prize is the largest science prize ever run to focus on clean water, and is expected to attract more than 80 applicants from over 10 countries. The $10 million grand prize goes to the team who develops the most cost-effective technology that removes phosphorus from freshwater bodies on a globally-applicable scale.

The first stage of the George Barley Water Prize awards contestants that demonstrate the most promising early-stage ideas and solutions. Stage 1 is structured in three parts, Phase 1, Phase 2, and Phase 3. Each Phase has a distinct entry and judging period.

For each phase, entrants will be asked to describe how their solutions reduce total phosphorus (TP) (not only focusing on soluble reactive phosphorus) in water. Contestants are encouraged to highlight the geochemical characteristics of the processed water to showcase its discharge readiness.

Please review the information below and create or complete your venture profile.



Barley Prize Website Terms & Conditions


Prize Design (Download - PDF) Instruction Guide (Stage 1, Phase 1) (Download - PDF) Written Report Template (Stage 1, Phase 1) (Download - PDF)


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