European Sustainable Phosphorus Platform




ESPP’s organisation and objectives

ESPP is a not-for-profit organisation which brings together industry, knowledge institutes and public establishments to promote and implement phosphorus sustainability in Europe:

  • Define and promote a long-term vision for phosphorus sustainability in Europe
  • Mediate dialogue towards policies and regulatory adaptation
  • Identify and facilitate innovation, collaborative actions, business cases, value-chains
  • Address short-term obstacles, propose solutions, identify and communicate opportunities

Phosphorus sustainability requires dialogue, innovation and collaborative actions across society, and ESPP works with a wide range of sectors and stakeholders: farming, fertiliser and animal feed, chemicals and minerals, waste and water treatment, agricultural supplies, food processing, bio-resources, food safety and diet …

ESPP’s Actions

  • Stakeholder dialogue to define a vision for phosphorus sustainability and shared proposals for policies and actions
  • Networking and cooperation throughout the phosphorus value-chain: to transfer know-how and experience, to identify business models, obstacles and opportunities
  • Inventory and data-base of competences and resources
  • Monitor (globally) and disseminate innovation, knowledge, demonstration, and best practice, benchmarking and success stories, through the SCOPE Newsletter (60 000 emailing worldwide), Twitter, website, workshops and meetings, participation in relevant conferences …
  • Facilitate collaborative proposals for innovation development or project funding: identify opportunities, facilitate consortium and project preparation, ensure contacts between potential partners and projects
  • Identify and address regulatory issues, define and promote policy tools for efficient phosphorus use and for recycling and reuse
  • Define and promote phosphorus sustainability research and implementation, in particular through the EU’s Horizon 2020 and EIPs on Raw Materials, Water and Sustainable Agriculture
  • Economics and jobs: identify policies to develop jobs and industries involved in the context of geopolitical and market developments
  • Promote Platform members’ activities
  • Support the development of national Nutrient Platforms, local actions towards phosphorus efficiency or a Circular Economy for phosphorus
  • Mutual gains approach with phosphate producing countries
  • Awareness raising, promoting phosphorus sustainability and related business opportunities and job creation


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