Melbourne Water Innovation Competition

Melbourne Water treats and disposes of approximately 90 percent of the sewage generated in Melbourne and the wider metropolitan area at their two world-class treatment sites. Together, the plants provide Melbourne with a vital service for protecting public health and the environment. Melbourne Water is committed to continually improving its processes and is working towards a target of zero net carbon emissions by 2030.

To identify ways to reduce the direct (Scope 1) greenhouse gas emissions from the treatment plants, Melbourne Water is running an Innovation Competition.

This competition gives you the opportunity to submit your ideas. Winners will share in a pool of up to $200,000 (AUD), allowing them to take the next steps in bringing their ideas to life.

A solution is either an existing or proposed idea, product or process that has the potential to measure, model, materially reduce or eliminate methane and nitrous oxide emissions.

The deadline for submissions is at 5pm on 3 December 2018. For more information on the competition please follow the links below.

Further Information

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