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Forum of the DPP - How critical is the security of supply with phosphorus?

November 21st  2014, 10:00 – 17:00 Uhr

Representation of the Free State of Bavaria in Berlin, Behrenstraße 21/22, 10117 Berlin, Germany

In the last years phosphorus has been recognised as an exhaustible raw material on many levels. Some scientists predict a „Peak Phosphorus “ in the next thirty years. The perspective on the reserves-to-production ratio changed and is not deemed to be that critical anymore.

In technological application the quantitative demand of phosphorus plays only a minor role. Most of the phosphorus is needed as fertiliser in agriculture. But not a few areas of farmland show an over-fertilisation due to application of manure and mineral-fertilisers.

Now then, where can we really expect a shortage of phosphorus and what strategies for a more efficient usage of this existential element are available.

The forum will highlight importent aspects of exploitation, refinement, usage, losses and recycling of phosphorus.

European Sustainable Phosphorus Conference 2015 on 5th and 6th of March 2015

European Sustainable Phosphorus Conference ESPC2

The second European Sustainable Phosphorus Conference (ESPC2) will take place in Berlin, 5th – 6th March 2015. This follows the 1st ESPC Conference, Brussels, March 2013, the establishment of the German P Platform, announcements or consultations on phosphorus policy in several Member States, and continuing developments on phosphorus use, recycling and environmental management. This second European conference ESPC2 will cover the following themes, particularly showcasing success stories and business cases and involvement of the Baltic, Black Sea and Mediterranean areas.

·         P losses and environmental impacts

·         P from farm to plate

·         Food security and international phosphorus supply

·         Reuse of P and P-recycling

·         Progress made addressing the Phosphorus Challenge

Further informations on registration, programme and conference contributions at the website of the ESPP.



Launch of the German Phosphorus Platform

Under the patronage of the German Minister of the Environment, the German Phosphorus Platform will be launched on 15 Nov 2013 at the Representation of the State of Bavaria to the German National Government in Berlin. The Bavarian State Minister of the Environment and Consumer Protection, Dr Marcel Huber, will be joined by well-respected representatives from research and industry in inaugurating the DPP. The parties are convening to make a "joint declaration" of their support for the objectives and tasks of this new organization in bringing politicians, scientists, producers and users to the same table. The objective is to achieve more responsible use of the element phosphorus, which is both vital to life and critical at the same time. Arnould Passenier, President at European Sustainable Phosphorus Platform (ESPP), will also be in attendance.

News – Launch event of the German Phosphorus Platform

The German Phosphorus Platform was founded as a national facility with a resolution by the Conference of Environmental Ministers dated 7 June 2013 and affiliated with the Fraunhofer project Group IWKS.

Time and location of the event

15 November 2013 

at the Bavarian Representation

Behrenstrasse 21/22 in Berlin

at 5 p.m.

We invite you to become a member of the German Phosphorus Platform.

You can declare your willingness to support the objectives and activities of the German Phosphorus Platform at the launch event.

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